I am available for private, group lessons, and workshops in the Seattle area. Please email me at for more details.

Private lessons (last at least 1 hour)

$50 for 1 hour, $70 for 2 hours


For group lessons, $30 per person/ per hour


Please contact me for more information if you are interested in a seminar/workshop.

I am offering lessons in the following styles-

  • Northern Shaolin- Tan Tui, Gong Li Quan, Lian Bu Quan, Si Lu Chui, Da Hong Quan, Xiao Hong Quan

  • Northern Praying Mantis- Seven Star and Eight Step Mantis

  • Bajiquan/ Piguazhang- Xiao Baji, Da Baji, Liu Da Kai, Ba Ji Lian Huan, Pi Gua Yi Lu/ Er Lu

  • Yang Style Taijiquan- 24 Posture Simplified Taiji, Yang Style Taiji 85 Posture Form, Yang Taiji Sword, Yang Taiji Broadsword

  • Vietnamese martial arts (Võ Bình Định, Hàn Bái, Hồng Gia La Phù Sơn)

  • Weapons- Staff, Broadsword, Spear, Sword

I am open to teaching beginner to advanced students.

Practicing Tai Chi on a Rooftop