I credit the teachers below for being a significant influence on my martial arts career thus far.

  • Shifu Clyde King III, Duke Cheng (程遠明), Victor Kuo- Northern Shaolin, Northern Praying Mantis (Eight Step, Plum Flower)

  • Master Tom Võ- Taekwondo

  • Shifu Jason Tsou (鄒家驤), Tony Yang (楊曉東), Jimmy Rodgers- Bajiquan, Baguazhang, Northern Praying Mantis (Seven Star/ Plum Flower, Eight Step), Yang/ Chen style Taijiquan

  • Master Phan Nguyễn Đăng Khoa and Tony Lê- Hồng Gia La Phù Sơn (Nei Gong), Wing Chun

  • Master Nguyễn Đăng Khoa- Võ Bình Định (Vietnamese Martial Arts)

  • Master Hà Kim Danh, Nguyễn Việt Bằng- Hàn Bái Đường (Vietnamese Martial Arts)

  • Sifu Landon Godsey- Tang Fong Hung Ga

  • Sifu David Cox- Tibetan White Crane

Other teachers that I learned from for a short amount of time or through private lessons include:

  • Sifu Jeffrey Yang- Kong Han Ngo Cho Kuen

  • Sifu Gino Belfiore- Angry Monkey

  • Sifu Phillip Le- Juk Lum Praying Mantis

  • Shifu Danny Schultz- Drunken Fist, Xinyi Liuhe Quan

And others…

Competitions and Awards

2015- Wu Tang Hall of Fame Tournament (3 Gold Medals- Northern, Internal, Short Weapon)


2016- Wu Tang Hall of Fame Tournament (3 Gold Medals for Northern, Internal, Short Weapon, 1 Silver Medal for Push Hands)


2017- Great Lakes Kung Fu Championship (3 Gold Medals- Northern, Southern, Short Weapon)


2018- Silverado Cup Karate Championship (3rd Place in Kata, Standby Physician)


2019- Great Lakes Kung Fu Championship (1 Gold Medal for Internal, 1 Silver Medal for Long Weapon, 1 Bronze Medal for Northern)


2019- Golden Dragon Kung Fu Championship (1 Silver for Long Weapon, Standby Physician)


2020- Kung Fu Magazine.Com Online Championship (2nd Place in Traditional)


2021- World Star Chinese Martial Arts Competition (Judge for Forms Competition)


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